Convert documents to PDF, convert PDFs to another format

Converting documents to PDF and converting PDF files to another format is an easy task for the PDF24 Creator. Read this article for information on how to convert PDF files.

Convert documents to PDF

Converting documents to PDF is an easy task for the free and highly-regarded PDF24 Creator. This Tool is a PDF generator where you can convert your documents and files into the PDF Format. After installing the software a new (virtual) printer will appear on your Windows desktop. Print using this printer, and a PDF file will be created that you will then be able to save. With a PDF printer it is incredibly easy to convert to PDF. You can convert anything that is printable. All you need is a suitable reader for your files, so you can print to the PDF printer.

The "Open and print with the PDF printer" is something you can also automate. Open the PDF24 Creator and drag all your files into the right-hand window. The creator converts your files into PDF and puts them on display for you. You can also save your PDF file, combine pages, remove pages or insert additional pages.

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Convert documents to PDF online

Don’t want software installed onto your PC? No problem. The PDF24 Online PDF Converter also converts to PDF online. It supports many common file types that can be converted. This is unbelievably easy. Bring up the Online PDF converter, choose your file, begin the conversion and then save your completed file. This is also possible to do via Email. Email your file to the PDF converter and a few seconds later your converted PDF will sent to your inbox.

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Convert PDF files into another format

You can also convert your PDF files into other formats. For example, you can easily convert your PDF into an image format. On the other hand, the conversion of a PDF to a document is not really possible. The PDF format was simply not developed for this and the information necessary for this type of reconstruction is absent.

With the PDF24 Creator you can convert PDF into another format. Open the PDF24 creator and drag the PDF into it. The PDF will be displayed page-by-page. Click on Save. A new window will open for which you can choose an output format. Choose the format you want to convert, choose your desired parameters and then Save.

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